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Frequently asked questions about DKS international

Please read below the most common set questions and answers about our company and our brands.

About DKS international and our brands

  1. Who are we and what do we do?

    We are responsible for a proper support in product knowledge towards designers and architects.

    Already in an early fase of the design you can get us involved with your ideas, as you can count on complete discretion within our company. If, eventually, you decide to use our products than we are also able to guide you towards our dealers, and help in negotiations with f.e. interior builders. And if the final phase we often go and have a look at the end result.

  2. Which brands do we represent (and where)?

    DKS is responsible for the commercial and technical activities of Resopal in The Netherlands, France and Italy, Polyrey in The Netherlands and Premium Panels in Europe.

Sample requests

  1. Can I request samples of brand products?

    Sure! Requestion sample is free of charge, and goes directly via our own website of DKS | RESOPAL, DKS | Polyrey and DKS | Premium Panels.

  2. What is the size of a sample, and how many can I request?

    Colours are available in A5-size. Samples from different collections are available in A4-size.

    It is also possible to have 35/35 (cm) samples requested. However these are only on demand available with guidance of DKS international.

    The maximum of samples that can be requested is: 10.
    If you need more samples, simply get in contact with us.

  3. What is the ETA after requesting samples?

    Within The Netherlands samples are shipped within 1 – 2 workdays.
    If samples are send outside The Netherlands this may vary from country to country (count on 5 – 10 workdays)

    If samples have to be produced (only at custom requests) we will give a personal indication.

  4. I cannot find the sample online at DKS.

    Perhaps this is a custom sample, or not in stock or special production.
    Always get in contact with us about these issues.

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